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Terrorism Awareness
It's not just the military or law enforcement who have become targets of terrorist attacks.  In fact, most targets are classified as, "Soft Targets". These are the sort of places that no one wants to see armed guards and wire fences. Places like hospitals, schools, shopping malls and grocery stores.  

Northern Lights Training  Group Ltd. has certified instructors that can come to your location and train your staff in the essentials of hardening a soft target. This training is classroom based, suitable for everyone on your staff, and can be tailored to fit into any timeslot available. Our experts can also walk thru your facilities and review your procedures to make suggestions of non-intrusive ways to increase your security.

If you have a hardened facility, we can perform an indepth security estimate and review and assist you with your security plan developement. We can train security forces in rapid responce, search, seizure and arrest, (where applicable), firearms and weaponless defensive tactics.      


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